Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baby Naomi's Room

This past weekend Matt & I and his parents went and picked out paint for the babies room and yesterday Matt and his mom started painting. It's not 100% finished but I am already in love with it! I decided that I should probably take a few pictures and post them.

I think Matt was having a little too much fun

I'm very grateful that Matt's mom was willing to come and help him since I wasn't able to.

We started by doing the ceiling a nice white.

And Lavender for the walls. Matt was very proud of himself because he picked out the color.

Even though I wasn't actually doing any painting I still managed to get some on me. Hmm....wonder how that happened? *cough* matt *cough*

We are so in love with this color! Everytime Matt goes into the room he just starts to laugh he's so excited. We can't wait to see the complete finished product!