Monday, December 27, 2010

New Family Pictures

Matt's sister Christina is here for Christmas and she was nice enough to take some new family pictures for us. Thanks Tina!

Our cutie pie!
Even Allie got in on the action! ;0)

We love our girl!
Stop embarassing me Dad!

Oh boy are we in for it when she gets older!

Such a goof ball!


Christmas this year was very special for us because it was the first one with Naomi. We went over to my parents house in the morning and opened presents with them and then we were able to go over and spend the rest of the day with Matt's family. It was a very good day, despite the fact the Matt was sick and Naomi is cutting teeth and had a 102 degree fever.
My Grandma got Naomi a pillow and made her 2 pillow cases which are adorable!

Teagan absolutley adores Naomi and loves to be where ever she is.
Of course, Naomi loves the wrapping paper just as much as anything else, if not more ;0) Thank you to all of our family for making this a very memorable Christmas.
This is one of those toys that eventually she will be able to push around and she loves it. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Mackay!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New pics

Here are some new pictures that I took yesterday of little miss cutie pie.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Bath in the sink! Lol, it wasn't exactly a huge success but we got her clean. Her Nana, told me a trick to use for next time so we'll have to see how it works. I love the facial expression!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our Princess...

A couple weeks ago, Naomi's Papa took some more pics of her (it's hard not to when you have such a cute model!) while we were hanging out at their house. They were all so cute but here are some of my favorites!

Hehe..such a personality!

Yes, our daughter has mastered "Blue Steele". Her daddy is so proud! Lol

Friday, November 19, 2010


Since Miss Priss is now 4 months old, our Pediatrician told us that it was okay to go ahead and start her on rice cereal. The very first time I gave it to her she made a face every time I gave her a bite but she kept letting me give it to her so I labeled it a success! Now we just have to work on getting her to eat more of it.

Some of her facial expressions just crack me right up! :o)

Pics by Papa...

These are some pictures that Matt's dad (aka Papa) took when we were over there a couple of weeks ago and I thought they were really cute.

She LOVES this toy alot and understandably so, it lights up and makes music!

I love this girl soooo much!

I r very cozy. :o)

Monday, November 1, 2010


Since it has been so long since I have posted anything, I thought I would post some of the newer pics of Naomi.

It starts early...

Anyone that know us knows that Matt is a big gamer. Well, Naomi loves to sit and watch him play. I'm not sure if I should gear myself up to have another gamer in the family or not. ;0)

This is what it looks like....
And then they notice I'm there...I love the faces!

More Halloween Fun!

Teagan absolutely loves Naomi and loves to hold every chance she gets! Here they are cuddled up after we had got home and everyone was relaxing.

There was another thing that made Halloween great, we got to hear Naomi laugh for the first time! After we got back from Trick or Treating I was changing Naomi's diaper and Andi started talking to her and this is what happened.

Halloween 2010

This Halloween was so fun for me! Our original plan was for Matt to be Mario, I would be Princess Peach and Naomi would be Toadstool. When we went to find a Princess Peach costume, they didn't have one that fit so we went with Plan B. Matt dressed up as Mario, Naomi was Toadette instead of Toadstool and I was Luigi! Saturday night we went to our wards Trunk or Treat and had a blast and Sunday night we went over to my parents house and had a awesome time!

Our cutie Toadette! Credit goes to her Nana for helping make her skirt and hat!

Here we go!

Us with my brother Braden and sister Teagan

Daddy and his girl!

While we walked around w/ my brother and sister, my Dad stayed behind to hand out candy. Doesn't he look thrilled. ;0)

All in all, I would have to rate our first Halloween w/ Naomi a huge success!